Evernote with Skitch for Windows is here!

Evernote with Skitch for Windows is here!

Skitch for Windows is here - you need to download this free program-app right now. (and if you don't have Evernote, you should download that, too.)

You all know how much I love Evernote (it's the first program I open on any device I'm using.) But the lack of Skitch for Windows has been killing me. Ever since Evernote acquired Skitch back in August 2011, I've been waiting, a little envious of my Mac-using friends.

Yes, I've had Skitch integration with Evernote on my Android for a long time, and I've used it occasionally, but annotating an image on a 3.5" screen just isn't the same when you're sitting in front of dual full-sized monitors.

What is Skitch?

Here's a quick "what you should do next" tutorial I created using Evernote with Skitch and about 5 minutes...

That's it - simple as anything. You can now capture what's on your screen, and mark it up to show the important parts, quickly and easily. One more tool in your productivity toolbox.

I bet there are some uses for health and fitness, too.

-Chris Butterworth