Pepsi Special: fat-blocking soda released in Japan

Pepsi Special: fat-blocking soda released in Japan

In the footsteps of the Weight Loss Pill, get ready for the next wave of ridiculousness - drinking soda to lose weight.

pepsi special weight loss soda

It sounds so simple - add Dextrin to the ingredient list, drink boatloads of yumma soda, and watch your fat get "flushed" away.

I'll hold final judgement until I read more about it, but my gut feeling is to call shenanigans - no way this actually makes you healthier. Generally, consuming man-made ingredients is NOT a step in the direction towards health. (in addition to however many calories are in a bottle of Pepsi Special.)

Look for an update or a follow-up post in the months ahead...

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Fortunately it's only available in Japan at this time. So while the rest of the world is waiting to drink their way to soda-slim, let's stick with the old stand-by advice of eating moderate portions of foods with as few man-made ingredients as possible, and trying not to drink our calories.

-Chris Butterworth