what to do with all that Halloween candy?

what to do with all that Halloween candy?

The kids scored big last night - a whole pillowcase filled with booty. (or worse - you didn't get enough trick or treaters and you have bags of candy left over.) Now what?

Halloween candy
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You have options.

  1. Leftovers - GET IT OUT OF THERE! It's a goofy holiday, where kids go out and ask strangers for candy. That's not a good enough excuse for you to ruin your next couple weeks' diet. And besides, the "real" Holidays are just around the corner. Take your candy to the office, or a school. Or just throw it away. But there's no reason for you to be snacking on sugar, day after day, until it runs out.
  2. The Big Binge - Let your kids savor the Halloween spirit and eat lots of candy. Maybe for a day, or a week. Then, once the fun's over, get rid of whatever wasn't eaten. (Isn't there a tradition about a spooky monster who steals kids' candy late at night? There isn't? Well, maybe you should make one up!)
  3. The Slow Drip - Let the kids eat one piece each night for the next week-month-whatever, provided they've done their chores and homework. Yeah, it's candy, but it's something to hold over their head for good behavior..
  4. No Excuses - the Big Binge and the Slow Drip are options for your kids, not for you. No excuses; no reason to eat lots of candy.

It's up to you to make good decisions and set a good example for your family. This can be a great way to set the tone for the upcoming snack season - the first of many good decisions to come. Or it can be the start of that downward spiral, where you'll wake up on January 1st knowing exactly what your top resolution will be.

Be strong - choose wisely.

-Chris Butterworth