run down and Christmas'd out

Last week was all sugar plumbs and candy canes. We were Christmas organized, ahead of schedule, and under budget. We had holiday events lined up, and were somehow managing to keep up with working out and eating well.

This week? Not so much.

A stomach-bug-thingy went through our house, knocking each of us down like dominos. The kids each missed a day or two of school and/or weekend activities. My wife and I weren't lucky enough to stay home and sleep all day, so we trudged through. We had to miss one of the holiday events we look forward to every year, and another event wasn't very fun.

Bedtime, when we should have been going to sleep early, was pushed late into the night by holiday cards, online photo galleries, and other family sharing stuff. We were tired from not getting enough sleep, run down from illness (and not being able to eat), and barely getting through the days. Suddenly, somehow, we're disorganized, behind schedule, and over budget - yikes! (And I haven't written or worked out most of the week!)

I'm not sure if the holidays or being under the weather for a few days has a bigger impact on my workouts. But having them both together was killer. Luckily I feel better today - I'll squeeze in a couple miles either at lunch or after work. 11 days 'till Christmas? Bring 'em on!

How are your Holidays coming along? Are you eating well and keeping up with your workouts while still enjoying the season?

-Chris Butterworth