the curse of open eyes - seeing calories everywhere you look

the curse of open eyes - seeing calories everywhere you look

Once you start paying attention to calories - how many calories your body needs to maintain weight, and how many calories are in the foods you're eating - you start to see food as numbers. It's no longer "Jr. Double Cheeseburger"; it's now "600-calories before I even eat a french fry!"

Sonic Jr Double Cheeseburger
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There's a Sonic burger joint across the street from my office. I like their food, but I don't eat there much anymore.

The problem is that a kids' cheeseburger (410 cal) and small tots (220 cal) make up a reasonable lunch on my weight-maintenance plan. And although that would taste great, once I start looking at the menu, it's no longer what I want..

Sonic meal - bacon double cheeseburger with tots and slushy

Instead, I imagine how great a Double Bacon Cheeseburger might taste, along side a large order of tater tots and washed down with a strawberry slushy..

But then I see the numbers in my mind's eye: Double Bacon Double Cheeseburger (1,280 cal),  large order of Tots (580 cal),and Strawberry Creamslush (1,150 cal) - for a lunchtime total of 3,010 calories!

Once that flashes through my mind I get repulsed by the whole thought of eating there. I also quickly understand the obesity epidemic, and wish more people would order smaller lunches. If they only knew...

Too bad my advertising budget can't be as big as the fast food guys'; I'll have to settle for writing one post at a time, and hoping millions of people read it and change their habits. :)

-Chris Butterworth