Fit-20 Workout 02-19-13

Fit-20 Workout 02-19-13

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It was a Kettlebell day, and it was an awesome workout.

For those of you new to the Fitness Gazette site, Fit-20 Workouts are workouts designed to give you a full-body workout, muscles and cardio, in about 20 minutes, using little or no gym equipment. Ideally you can squeeze a workout in before work, or at lunch, without squeezing your family out of the picture. Click here to see a list of past Fit-20 Workouts.

Today's Workout

Set a repeating timer for 25 seconds, then do:

  • Kettlebell Swings (2-handed, or alternating one-handed)
  • Cleans - right hand
  • Cleans - left hand
  • Figure 8
  • Squat to Press - right hand (from the clean position, do 2 squats, then do 2 presses. repeat.)
  • Squat to Press - left hand
  • Curls - holding it "upside-down", with the KB facing outward away from your body (2-handed is ok if you can't do it with a single hand)
  • Lunges - hold KB in the "up" position from finishing a curl, and do lunges, alternating legs.
  • Burpees (if you can't do 25 seconds' worth of Burpees, substitute Mountain Jumpers or Mountain Climbers)
  • 100-Ups
  • Rest

Repeat for 4 cycles

Whew! 8 Exercises, 25 seconds each, for 18 minutes. Doesn't sound too hard when I read it, but that's a tough workout!

Stay strong,

-Chris Butterworth