200 Calories' worth of food - photo essay

200 Calories' worth of food - photo essay

I saw a photo essay over at boredpanda.com, showing pictures of 200 calories' worth of 63 different foods, and I wanted to share some of what jumped out at me.

Here are 4 things I noticed about 200 calories:

1.) You can eat lots of fruits and vegetables for less than 200 calories.

Apple Slices
apple slices - 200 calories

carrots - 200 calories

broccoli - 200 calories

grapes - 200 calories

2.) Simple, whole foods - without toppings and fillers, can go a long way on 200 calories.

pasta - 200 calories

turkey - 200 calories

Black beans
black beans - 200 calories

eggs - 200 calories

3.) Toppings, fillers, and sugars add up fast.

butter - 200 calories

Blackberry pie
blackberry pie - 200 calories

M & Ms
M & Ms - 200 calories

Canola oil
canola oil - 200 calories

Peanut butter
peanut butter - 200 calories

4.) Some junk food is ok, as long as you control your portion size

Snickers bar
snickers bar - 200 calories

cheeseburger - 200 calories

doritos - 200 calories

Bottom Line

To your body, 200 calories are 200 calories, regardless of what they look or taste like. They can be a fulfilling snack that lasts throughout the morning. They can be a bite of something sweet, or the extra flavor you add to something else. They can make your diet, by helping you through the cravings in-between meals. And they can break your diet, turning your meticulously crafted lunch into a budget-blowing feast.

1,600 calories a day allows you 8 servings of 200 calories: 8 pats of butter, handfuls of candy, and glasses of soda will leave you very hungry, while 8 servings of turkey and/or vegetables will fill you up.

Think before you eat; make each 200-calorie choice wisely.

-Chris Butterworth

all images pulled from boredpanda's post; see all 63 photos at "What 200 Calories Look Like".