the over-crowded gym - new year's resolutions in action

New Year's Resolutions. Lots of people make 'em. Few people keep 'em. And most of the time they're the same resolutions over and over - lose weight, exercise more, quit a vice (smoking, drinking, whatever), be a better person, etc. (I'll talk more about how to be successful another time; today I'll hit a different point of view...)

To all of you who have shiny new resolutions about going to the gym this year - come on, who are we kidding?

This morning I went to the gym - I had to park further away and then deal with extra crowded facilities.

Yesterday my wife woke up and decided to sign up for a fitness class at her gym, but they were all booked out - no openings for the whole day.

It's annoying.

To each of you, individually: I really, truly wish you success. I hope you are able to make the lifestyle changes you're after - losing weight, getting fit, and being healthy.

To all of you new gym-goers as a group: can we please hurry up and get to February, so I can have my sparsely populated gym back?


Chris Butterworth