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Comment Policy

Comments are awesome - I love 'em. They let me know someone besides my mom reads what I write. But there are a few simple comment rules:
  • Be a Person. I'm a person - I even sign every post with my real name. And I've met lots of people. But I've never met a person named Brand XYZ Supplements Website.
  • Be friendly, or at least civil. You don't have to agree with me, or with another commentor, but that's no reason to be disrespectful.
  • Links are OK, provided they add to the discussion and topic at hand.
  • Spam-links are not OK, and will not be published.
  • I reserve the sole right to publish, edit, or delete comments. (I won't edit content, but possibly questionable content or links.)


I am NOT a Doctor, nor am I licensed as a Nutritionist, Trainer, Physical Therapist, or anything else. (scratch that, I am a licensed Realtor in the State of Arizona, but that's a wee bit off-topic.) I'm just a regular guy. A guy who reads a lot, thinks a lot, exercises a lot, has played sports his whole life, and has helped multiple people lose weight and get in better shape. But just a guy.

The opinions you'll find on this site are just that - my opinions. I appreciate that you want to try something I recommended, but don't do so blindly. I don't know you, your history, or your family history. I can't see what you're doing over there. If something doesn't feel right, go seek professional help. Stomach aches from eating, muscle / joint / tendon pain from exercising, or any other malady? Go see a doctor.

Start slow. Test the water, so to speak. If it feels good, do more. If you're unsure (or if it hurts), stop and go find help. Maybe you're not doing it properly, or maybe your body has something that needs to get fixed. I don't know. I just don't want you to go out there, radically change your diet, throw around a bunch of weight, get sick, dislodge your spinal cord, and then blame me for it! Be smart, and be responsible.