Insurance Agents

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are the lifeblood for a long and successful career

Clients will refer your name to their friends and family members for a number of reasons - great service, low prices, or even because they like your monthly newsletter!

But this only works when your name is top-of-mind and your contact information is easy to find.

8DollarFarming will remind your contacts and former clients about you, month after month, and give them an easy way to forward your email to their friends and family.

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Hit Reply

Your clients don't always remember to contact you when they have a life changing event, yet this is when they need your services the most. Sending a monthly email gives them a reminder, and a quick & easy way to hit reply and reach back to you.

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Life Priorities

Spend your time on the things that matter

Everyone knows staying in touch is important, but you're busy all day and want to spend your evenings and weekends with the people you love.

8DollarFarming is turn-key. I'll do everything, so you can focus on more important things.

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Play the
long game

Success won't be built this week, this month, or even this year. It comes slowly, patiently, after years of consistent effort.

You focus on product knowledge and friendly customer service, and 8DollarFarming will take care of consistent follow-up on your behalf.