Glendale Prices Were Flat in November

Glendale prices were flat last month when comparing the year over year median sales price - $240,000 in Nov 2018 vs $237,000 in Nov 2017. That being said, I wouldn’t panic yet.

  • Prices have increased about 20% in the last 3 years, from $199,000 in Nov 2015.

  • Prices have been increasing quarter after quarter, based on last month’s chart.

  • We’ve talked before about how statistics can be misleading when looking at a short time period (ie: a single month might be higher or lower than the trend, which can make a month-vs-month comparison look wacky.)

We’ll have to check back in on Glendale in the coming months to see whether this was a one-month blip, or the beginning of a new trend..


- Chris Butterworth


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