Has Glendale reached peak sales volume?

In reviewing the number of homes sold in Glendale each month since 2014, I see 3 distinct trends:

  1. There is an overall upward trend from left to right; the peaks and troughs keep getting a little bit higher than the preceding year. However, this is most obvious because the starting point in 2014 is low.
  2. The seasonality is "smack you in the face" obvious; volume is higher from March - September, then it dips down in the winter months.
  3. Looking at April specifically (blue lines), the only reason the trend is upward is because 2014 was lower than the rest. The trend line would actually point slightly downwards if we only look at the last 4 Aprils, with the largest number of sales recorded in April '15.

The dips are getting higher each year, but the peaks aren't (or just a little bit.) Have we reached peak demand for Glendale? Have the price increases over the last couple-few years slowed down demand? This is one we'll have to keep our eyes on..

- Chris Butterworth


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