85262 in Scottsdale Tops $800,000

Taking a look at the Median Price by Zip Code in Scottsdale, and 3 things jumped out at me:

  • 85262 is EXPENSIVE, with a median sales price of $802,500 so far this year.

  • 85257 is the most affordable zip code in Scottsdale, yet this zip code’s median price of $335,000 is still higher than most of Maricopa County.

  • The change at the top end is significant. I pulled a similar chart last year which showed 85266, 85255, and 85262 all within a few thousand dollars of each other, hovering around the $700,000 mark. Today’s chart shows 85262 (Pinnacle Peak / Troon area) median price is $100,000 higher, while 85266 (North Scottsdale Road Corridor area) median has only increased by $30,000. Is this a sign of a future trend (and a potential investment opportunity), or is it a short-term blip based on looking at only 2 months’ worth of data? Time will tell…


- Chris Butterworth


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