Scottsdale distribution of home prices shows steep incline

This chart looks at each home sold in Scottsdale during the first quarter, and plots the sales price in ascending order:

  • $179,900 was the lowest sold price
  • 25% of homes sold between $179,900 and $423,592
  • 25% sold between $423,592 and $550,000
  • 25% sold between $550,000 and $799,000
  • The most expensive home sold for $17,500,000

This is the first time I've done a chart like this - it's not quite as "simple" as most of my charts. But I think it's interesting to see how the line slopes upward gradually for about the first 2/3 of the sales, then the prices trend much higher, much faster.

Hit reply (or shoot me an email) and let me know what you think - I could be easily persuaded to do more charts like this...

- Chris Butterworth


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