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What time of day do people search for homes?

I saw this on visual.ly this morning and thought it was interesting.

house hunting by day and time

If you click through to the site, you can fine-tune the chart to be state &/or computer-type specific.

Most interesting stat: almost 20% of all online traffic came via cell phones and tablets. That's one in five, and the numbers are just starting to explode upwards - I won't be surprised if it's 50-50 in a few years.

- Chris Butterworth

Website Renovations

We've made some major renovations here at ThePhoenixAgents.com. I'd love to hear your feedback - let me know what you think, especially if there's something you'd like to see which isn't there, or if something looks/acts goofy..

What look did we go for? Well, we're trying to accomplish 3 goals with this design:

1. Less "web leads".

Frankly, we're tired of flighty, flakey, dis-loyal "leads" looking for a good home in a good neighborhood for under $50,000!

Can we make money from the leads this site generates? Yes. We've met plenty of new friends whom we've helped buy &/or sell. But the vast majority of the web traffic we see doesn't become friends; it's mostly a frustrating experience and a waste of time. I'd much rather focus my energy on producing good content and helping the folks who like us!

2. More "homey".

This part was easy - once you take down the buttons and hooks designed to engage "web leads", the site instantly looked better.

I want the people who read us regularly to feel more comfortable while they're here. Fewer buttons, less clutter, easier to find the information you're looking for. I'd rather have 500 people really like our site than to chase down thousands of disloyal strangers. (and if we treat them right, those 500 are likely to refer us to their friends and family - kind of like the old days of real estate, no?)

3. Heather calls time out.

You'll see a little less of Heather around the site this year, as she's taking a little time off to pursue an opportunity that doesn't come around too often. You can contact her directly if you want the full scoop. Otherwise, I'll do my best to keep her seat warm for when she returns.

That's it! Nothing Earth-shattering. We're even using the same theme, fonts, and colors. But I think it feels a lot different, and I hope you enjoy it!

-Chris Butterworth